Nuvega Lash

Nuvega Lash: It is all about how Naturally Beautiful you look!

Nuvega Lash is a vegan serum that has been ideally introduced for your eyelashes to help them grow naturally thick and long, as the only aim is to make you stop wearing the false eyelashes for every occasions or parties as it’s time to show off the natural beauty.

Wherever you go be it a date or an interview, one looks straight at your face that too into your eyes examining your personality​ through the eyes, so your eyes deserve every chance to look beautiful as well as sexy. And having longer eyelashes gives you that natural and sexy look, which you do not get when you stick the falsies and keep applying coats and coats of mascara just to ensure you look presentable enough.

Nuvega Lash


Nuvega Lash: Features and Benefits

  • This serum is going to give you the results you have been craving for within weeks of its daily usage. It gives you fifty percent(50%) of thicker, stronger, longer and shinier eyelashes you only dream of. After all you deserve to look original and not fake.
  • This product doesn’t come with any harsh chemicals which will have any side effects, your eyes will never feel any kind of irritation or colour change. As you continue using it for months on an everyday basis, it works as a growth cycle for your eyelashes.
  • This is not a serum that will only help your eyelashes grow, it nurtures them too. You cannot tolerate easy breakage of the eyelashes that took months to grow, so this serum helps you with a complete growth​ making your eyelashes strong by strengthening the roots and a better growth.
  • This serum is helpful in reducing trans-dermal water loss, neutralizes the effects of dehydration, and equally moisturizes the eye lids and brows as well, rejuvenating your lashes.
  • This serum enhances the shape of your lashes with zero side effects, and is so easy to apply just like you apply a liquid eyeliner. It works more like a cultivator to your eyelashes and it is clinically tested, so no more of wasting your money on buying the false eyelashes, invest on something that fertilizes your lashes.

Nuvega Lash: Ingredients

Nuvega Lash is an all-natural ingredient serumthat has bio-peptides to strengthen and stimulate the growth and vitamins to nurture the growth making it look all beautiful- as its ingredients. The right formula with the right ingredients and no added harmful chemicals. It also contains Satina Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Sead Oil, which works as a moisturizer and helps in maintaining the connective tissue.

One can rely on this Vegan product as it provides better results in weeks, and you need to use it on a daily basis, every night before you go to bed, after cleaning your eyes with a cleanser, applying it firmly on your upper and lower lashes in a thin coat. This product is already making it to the headlines in the cosmetic world as it is one healthy product even consulted by Opthalmologists. It is one promising environmental friendly product, which is sure to give you much better results, as compared to the other costly and not so worthy cosmetic products you waste your money on.

Nuvega Lash